Our Values are quite simple:

  • Integrity
  • Reliability
  • Simplicity

We are strongly committed to conducting our business decently and ethically. We strive to live our values and to honour our responsibilities towards our clients, employees, the environment and the wider community.

Hermina Patton has been a member of the Ethics Institute of South Africa (MS334/08) since 2008 and is a Certified Ethics Officer (Reg. No. EO 852). She joined the Ethics Practioners’ Association in 2018 and holds a Masters Degree in Philosophy: Business Ethics.


Since the early days of its existence, SHRS took the decision not to purchase year end / Christmas gifts for customers but rather to donate funds, services and pro-bono work each year to a needy cause; some of those which have benefited include:

Children of Fire (www.childrenoffire.org)

This Trust helps young survivors of burn injuries by bringing to bear the most expert and appropriate medical skills and care to children so injured. It also aims to reduce the incidence of such injuries by improving conditions in impoverished areas and through educational programmes in the communities in which they live, thus providing both prevention and cure.

Gift of the Givers Foundation (www.giftofthegivers.org)

This is a foundation that provides disaster relief and any other diverse activities that have benefited millions of people worldwide (irrespective of race or religion). They were the first organisation to respond to the xenophobia crises when it flared up in May 2008 and since then we have contributed to several causes (such as the earthquake in Haiti and the severe drought in the Western Cape).

Kids Haven (www.kidshave.org.za)

From 2009 to 2012, our chosen charity (in addition to St Columbas) was Kids Haven, which provides for the plight of street children. It has a drop-in programme, shelter, bridging school, practical skills programme, children’s homes, family re-unification and community development programmes. We provide pro bono consulting services and management training as well as financial support to the Bridging School at Kids Haven. We continue to provide pro bono consulting services to Kids Haven

St Columba's Presbyterian Church (www.stcolumbas.org.za)

St Columba’s Presbyterian Church in Parkview, Johannesburg has an extensive Outreach Programme, details of which can be found on their website and facebook pages. For many years we have contributed to the Annual Christmas Market as well as the very special Christmas Day Luncheon which started off with a small group of adults over 30 years ago and which has now grown to over 600 adults and children. The adults have a sit down, fully cooked and served meal with entertainment. The children have their own special Christmas Day Party with Hamburgers, Crisps, Ice Creams, Cool drinks, sweet packs as well as Face Painting, Nail Painting and Temporary Tattoos and a Father Christmas to bring them a bit of magic on this special day.

2017 photos taken by Carl Ballot (www.instagram.com/carlballot)



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