Grass rooting a new business is a challenge at the best of times.

Many disciplines and procedures need to be created and developed, and the staffing with competent staff to handle the fledgling departments is an inevitable challenge.

Part of the solution is to outsource "service" related functions; but where sensitive data, interpersonal relationships and the delicate area of the employee and his salary, are concerned, the service provider has got to be exceptional.

Hermina Patton and her team provide that exceptional service - a number of new ventures and many years down the road and they are still very dedicated and consistent in their service delivery.

We cannot rate Hermina and her team more highly.

Peter Baker
Finance Director
Iron Mineral Beneficiation Services, Fourways & Olifantsfontein

With the increasing pressure on small to medium sized business's to keep up to date with, and on top of issues relating to HR and payroll, we took the decision,4 years ago to outsource this function..

My company had worked with Hermina Patton, in her time with Siltek Distribution Dynamics (Pty) Ltd, and when she started SHRS, we continued to do some work together, so when we made our decision to outsource the HR, payroll functions, we immediately contracted with SHRS.

From a payroll point of view, both management, and staff immediately felt a positive impact, and over time, Hermina's contribution to HR issues, as well as chairing our EEF have been invaluable to our business.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of SHRS to other companies.

Peter Hallendorff
The Health Care Solutions Company, Bedfordview

I started engaging in business with Hermina Patton in 2004 when our company started up a new contract in Johannesburg and I needed a Human Resource person to attend to various duties pertaining to staff issues.

That business was completed in 2005 and I moved back to my business unit in Cape Town.

Regardless of not having business in Johannesburg, Hermina has been our Human Resource person for the last 5 years ensuring that all deadlines are met for SARS.

Hermina provides an efficient and reliable service and has a great knowledge of work ethics and labour laws. She provides an invaluable service to our company freeing me to concentrate on other important aspects in my business.

Tyrone Africa, Chief Financial Officer
Business Data Solutions, Cape Town

We suffer from the same problem as the management team of most small companies - running the business takes up most of our time, leaving us very little time to focus on human resources issues. We also find that we lack both the relevant knowledge and experience to deal with these tasks effectively when we do try to manage them.

Since we made the decision to outsource these responsibilities to SHRS we have had to call on Hermina for advice with various HR related issues and every time she has been available almost immediately to give us the right advice. I think I can safely say that it is not only the management team that has benefited from her expertise, the staff are also much happier knowing that there is an expert on board to help them with their problems.

A key point about working with SHRS is that they offer so much more than just payroll services and I would have no hesitation in recommending Hermina and SHRS to any other organisation in a similar position to ours.

Renée Pattle, Director
Afrisoft Africa (Pty) Ltd, Rivonia

I've known Hermina Patton for over 20 years, long before she started SHRS. That's why I had no hesitation in becoming one of her clients – and I’ve had no reason since to regret my decision.

SHRS is everything I could ask for in a supplier: honest, ethical, hard-working, professional in all their dealings with my staff – and extremely knowledgeable about all things payroll-related.

They're a pleasure to work with.

Alf Isaacs, Managing Director
Tri Continental Distribution SA (Pty) Ltd, Rivonia

SHRS has handled our payroll since we launched, back in 2002. We're a fast-growing consumables distributor, fighting hard to win new business in a highly competitive environment where margins are tight. So we’ve not got the time, the money or the inclination to deal with our payroll in-house. It's more trouble than it's worth.

Hermina Patton and her team have been first class. The payroll's taken care of efficiently, correctly and cost-effectively – leaving me to get on with the task of growing our business. Even as our payroll has increased in size, SHRS has met our growing needs.

We recently won a big printer contract – due in no small part to the fact that I can rely on SHRS to take care of our back office stuff.

So I would highly recommend SHRS to other small and medium-sized firms.

Anton Herbst, Managing Director
Advanced Consumables Technology (Pty) Ltd, Midrand

Easy Access has been a supplier of IT solutions and services to the SME sector since 1988. Until recently, we had always done our own HR and labour practices. Then we called in Hermina Patton to help us with some guidance we needed on labour practice.

Hermina has been a great "discovery" for our business. Thanks in large part to her fast and effective working methods we have progressed rapidly to a state of compliance with our labour and HR requirements.

We now have peace of mind knowing that SHRS notifies us of any changes and updates to our HR and labour activities, and we can get on with running our business.

I would recommend Hermina and her team to any company that has questions concerning their HR and labour practices.

Dave Stewart, Managing Director
Easy Access Computing cc, Edenvale

At JET Distribution South Africa we let our receptionist do our payroll in house for 2 years because we couldn't afford a proper payroll manager. We didn't realize there was another alternative. Thanks to SHRS we now have a full-time payroll manager – but only for the three days a month that we really need one. SHRS ensures that our payroll is done correctly and on time. The money we’ve saved in fines has more than justified SHRS's fees – and we even made productivity gains because our staff no longer get upset with their inaccurate paychecks. The people at SHRS are wonderful and I'd happily recommend their services.

Kris Tierney, Managing Director,
JET Distribution South Africa (Pty) Ltd, Kempton Park

The broad geographic reach of our business requires management to be on the road almost every day of the week. That leaves us with precious little time to sort out the monthly payroll.

Fortunately SHRS takes care of this, and has had no problem accommodating our increasing staff numbers as we've grown the business. All I need to do is sign off the payroll each month and the job's done.

Dale Michler, Director
STARS (Pty) Ltd, Midrand

Like many small companies, we find that running the core business takes up most of our working week, leaving little spare time for such issues as human resources. So three years ago we made the decision to outsource our HR to SHRS. Since then they've looked after our payroll; advised us on personnel issues; and assisted us with the relevant 'SETA' training responsibilities.

We've now got much more time to spend on building our business, confident in the knowledge that SHRS is taking good care of our human resources.

Randall Mullan, Director
iPrint (Pty) Ltd, Midrand

Working in a design studio, we are very much focused on design and creativity, day after day. So we find payroll a burdensome and frustrating task. That’s why we turned to SHRS. They have been very professional and efficient in handling our salary details, which has allowed us to get on with what we're good at.

SHRS continue to advise and inform us well, so we are made aware of any changes in the structures due to new laws. They are efficient and a pleasure to do business with.

We highly recommend SHRS to other companies wanting to outsource their payroll.

Shane Jansen van Rensburg, Managing Member
Visual Torque cc, Pretoria

This letter serves to confirm that Messaris Wapenaar Consulting Architects has used the services of Specialised HR Services cc as represented by Mrs Hermina Patton, from 2009 to 2012 to administer the payroll of the company.

Mrs Patton has done much more than simply administer the payroll, as the systems she has put in place have greatly assisted in the general administration of the company during this difficult time in the economy.

Our company structure has changed recently and we will unfortunately no longer be able to use the services of Specialised HR Services cc, but we would like to recommend them to anyone looking for Payroll and HR Services.

Arthur Messaris

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