Why Choose SHRS?

A 360-degree approach to Payroll Administration and Human Resources

SHRS's founder, Hermina Patton, has spent more than 30 years in South African human resources management - working in a range of companies listed and unlisted, large and small. At the time she decided to set up SHRS, she was HR Manager at Siltek Distribution Dynamics, the leading South African IT Distributor at the time.

Hermina clearly saw the challenges that SMME's were facing – and she realised their situation could only become more difficult as the new SA administration sought to enact an increasing amount of new labour legislation.

So she set out to create a 'boutique' Payroll Administration and Human Resources firm - a company that offered BOTH Payroll Consultancy and Human Resources Services on a single, integrated service platform, while enabling clients to choose one or the other.

Central to the SHRS approach is this: the understanding that it's not practical or efficient to offer a proper Payroll service in complete isolation from Human Resources - or vice versa.

And because SHRS was founded, from the outset, on the principles of compliance and simplicity – we continue to deliver, even over-deliver, on our promises to our clients.

In the last decade we’ve helped dozens of clients to:

Last - and perhaps most important of all – removing the burden of Payroll and HR from management's shoulders so they can get on with what they do best - creating value for their shareholders, and new jobs for the economy.

Giving SMME's access to the same Payroll and HR 'economies of scale' that larger enterprises take for granted

At SHRS, we can do all this for you at a highly competitive rate per employee. Because we provide the same specialised labour relations knowledge, the software, and the ability to navigate the maze of regulatory compliance requirements that you need, to all our customers. Therefore you profit from our established informational 'economies of scale'.

And because we're an SMME ourselves, we know full well that the last thing you can afford is high staff overheads. We understand the small company culture, and the challenges small companies face.

We’ll even show you how to navigate the potential minefields of labour legislation so successfully, in fact, that you'll be able to turn such legislation as the Skills Development Act to your competitive advantage.

You’ll not only steer clear of any potential legal problems - you'll end up with a more productive and highly-skilled work force.

And that's a competitive advantage worth investing in, as our customers happily agree.

Find out for yourself what SHRS can do to boost your competitive advantage. Contact us today.

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